Sunday, December 9, 2012

Get Set Ready to Gamify yourself with the New Flash Builder 4.7 !!

It was never so easy to Devlope Once / Publish / Monetize Games, across platforms, be it on iOS or Android or Browsers, without having a need to learn any new language set.

With the recelty launched Flash Builder 4.7, envelope has been pushed further, as it gives an immense thrust to Social Casual gmaing arena, be it on Facebook or any oher social pltform. With this  you can not just develope flash games using ActionScript, but it also lets you exploit native libraries for various platforms opening up the limitless opportunity to extend and build. FB4.7 as well supports creation and publishing of games built using variour gaming frameworks like Starling, Away3D, Feathres etc.

FB4.7 also offers support for multi threading, Deploy/ Debug and Test environment for your Games, either through simulator or on a real Apple iOS or any Android Device.

What else !!, it lets you build stuffs faster using next generation actionscript compiler along with addition of many IDE productivity features to be more productive in less time,  also lets you continue build your RIA usign Open Source Apache Flex framewrok.

If you can't wait any more to explore Game Development possibilities with new Flash Builder 4.7, do check out following important resources.

And not to miss out on, icing on the cake....if you have FB4.5/FB4.6 licensed copy, you get a FREE upgrade to FB4.7 via techsupport request !!

Happy Gaming !!


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